Are you ready to go back to the Stone Age?

Cave Women Unite!

Alright, Cave Women and our fellow Cave Men, let's show this country what it will be like if Sarah Palin is elected. Using satire and humor, we will gather in groups in public places to expose the anti-feminist Ice Age politics of the McCain-Palin ticket, and to support Obama-Biden. Cave men are welcome.

We will gather in groups and shout "ugga ugga!"
We will march at rallies yielding hilarious signs
We will devour fake moose meat in a herd of savage teeth gnashing and growling.
We will pick mites out of each other's Palin-esqe beehive hairdos.

Time is of the essence, women! So let's act fast.
The inspiration: Billionaires for Bush
The location: New York City
The message: "Ugga ugga!"


Go wild or keep it simple. Just keep it Cave Woman-esque. Click here for visual inspiration.


  • Animal print, or just brown and dingy material, jagged edges are a nice touch
  • Super easy - take a piece of material and just gather it around one shoulder like a toga
  • Want a deluxe costume? Visit Ricky's NYC. Add fake fur and teeth-jewelery for a bonus
  • Just remember (for protests) not to bring anything that could be considered a weapon (spears, etc.)



  • The Palin black-rimmed glasses
  • A drum or other prehistoric noise-maker
  • And don't forget plenty of LIPSTICK!
  • Remember (for protests), don't bring anything that could be considered a weapon

Ideas for Slogans & Signs

Sometimes simple is most effective:
"Cave Women for Sarah Palin"

And the old standby:
"Ugga Ugga!"

"Prehistoric Palin"
"Are you ready to go back to the ICE AGE?"
"Are you ready to go back to the STONE AGE?"
"A Woman's Place Is In the Cave!"
"Pretty Primitive"
"Dinosaur Policies"
"Fossil Brain"
"Time Warp or Evolution, you choose!"
"Drill, Baby, Drill, but don't call me in the morning."
"Back to the Cave"
"A Polar Bear in Every Pot!"